I designed this set to be easily converted for multiple uses. The first two programs to utilize this set were Wisdom & Wealth and This Is My Church. Both were released on 12/20/2010.

This set was build with 12' high walls to help with wide camera angles. Except for the wall/window section, the rest of the wall panels are 4' wide and easily rearranged for different looks. For these two programs, we left the sections in place between the shoots.

Production Schedule:
Day 1:
1. Delivered the set pieces and carpet
2. Carefully measured the placement of the set so that there was enough room to hang the Miami print (which was not completed yet) and placed the carpet and set walls into position.
3. Picked camera locations, wired the on-set TVs and set the lights
4. Converted the desk from it's previous use on the Destiny Today program

Day 2:
1. Hung the huge Miami prints behind the windows
2. Propped the set with the rug, columns, furniture, plants, tables, books, etc...
3. Final tweaking to lights and cameras
4. Shot the first Wisdom & Wealth episode
5. Hung the white material in one of the windows, backlit it with blue light and removed the curtains
6. Shot a couple sermons for This Is My Church

Day 3:
1. Hung the remaining white panels in the windows and backlit them
2. Hung the cross
3. Moved the columns, removed the curtains and props from Wisdom & Wealth
4. Set up the band, including a Hammond B3 organ and Leslie
5. Shot lots of worship songs for several This Is My Church services
6. Shot several sermons for This Is My Church services

I have to say, it was extremely fulfilling to pull of the setup and the changeup of the set, and to shoot so many episodes in such a short amount of time. This set could also be setup without the large window, or without any windows at all. It could be setup with the sections butting up in a straight line, or at 90 degrees like a typical room. It could be lit with colored gel to appear to be painted differently. Lots of possibilities were built into this and I love the way it turned out.

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