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New Life tells the emotional journey my wife and I went through to have kids. I was amazed when I walked into the IVF room where my wife was getting prepped to see two amazing little embryos on a big screen TV. I asked the doc if I could film it and whipped out my phone. I never had any intentions of building a video like this and didn't even know how. One day I heard the song "Sunshine-Adagio in D Minor" on another video and this video started taking shape in my head. For months I built the footage and practiced multiple techniques in FCPX and Motion 5.

"New Life" is the result of that work. It's about the new life we brought into the world and the new life we are just beginning to live as a family. A virtual love letter to my wife and our new joys.

Music: Sunshine-Adagio in D Minor by John Murphy

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