You didn't have to chase him, he surrendered all on his own; white flag flying high as a declaration of his love for you. But you dream that he's running, that white flag just out of reach and you must catch him because you must protect him. From what you're not entirely sure, though mostly you know it's from yourself and the damage you do to everyone you love. And when you face him, you can see it in his eyes - that pleading for you to fall as hard and far as he has. You do, you're drowning in it, in him and when you wake up to the sun shining through the dusty window of his cramped little apartment you know that this is it. He is it and you won't ever let him go.

A character development video for lycanthrope Ehren Macabre & shifter Lincoln Blanchard, for the roleplaying site Wither.

Music: Alive With The Glory Of Love - Say Anything

[i don't own the original videos, i just pieced the clips together using quicktime & imovie]

original video:

Daniel Davison - Underoath "Sunburnt": Official Music Video (

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