On the back of Chukwa,
Bright like a mountain dew-tune and crystalline airs.
We seek shell and shelter in subsurface saltlake sittings,
The one-drone rondo-0-o.
We rest against the interwalls of zero cavity‘s brainbows,
Celebrating Achilles' de-feet.
Stir montane waters in the syncoronation of prime times,
Immersed rim ram short circuit oscillations,
In echological mining claims,
Drilling me softly with a chord.
What happens quiet shelldome if ever.

...turtles all the way down

Final part of the performance installation "Chukwa's Approach" inside a saltmine in Hallein.


(c) 2009 by DEPART (depart.at)
images: leonhard lass
sound: zanshin (gregor ladenhauf)

realtime reactive audio/video
made with processing (processing.org) and abundantly wired audio-tools
employing HDP™

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