It is kind of hard to believe that I am finally writing this post. Well over a year ago, I spoke with Natalie about filming her wedding and I was beyond excited to have the opportunity, but that was before I actually got the chance to meet her & see what kind of sweet & incredibly caring person she is. While attending the WPPI show in Vegas, I was about to go into a class, and two girls came up to me and one said, "oh my gosh Josh, you are filming my wedding in a few months. What are you doing here?!". The two girls turned out to be Natalie & Serena, and over the course of our week in Vegas, we all became such amazing friends. I mean I just don't let anyone force me into seeing Magic Mike, even if I luckily fell asleep a quarter through it. After Vegas, I was really excited to meet the man that Natalie had told us all so much about. In Natalie's words, "It all started almost seven years ago, when I met this sweet boy named Hugh at the St. Johns College Boathouse at my first day of practice at the Annapolis Rowing Club in our sophomore year of high school. We joined the team by chance – a very spur of the moment choice that turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Our first “dates” were spent running laps around the football field, rowing in the Severn River, and traveling to regattas on the weekends. I remember those days so clearly – sun speckled and filled with long afternoons on the Chesapeake, where we became close friends and learned so much about one another.We were barely over fifteen, only teenagers, but inseparable from the moment that we met. The first days of dating turned into months of growing up together, and falling even more in love. Somewhere along the way – those months became a year, then two years and before I knew it, we were in college, getting ready to go into our senior year, talking about the future, and dreaming of this very moment."

After a crazy drive up to Pasadena, MD, we arrived at Natalie & Huey's beautiful home on the bay for their rehearsal dinner. Natalie had invited myself and an "assistant", Papa Gooden, to check out the property and to partake in a crab feast. As we watching the rehearsal of the ceremony and ate a ton of crab (my first time by the way..amazing), I watched Huey & Natalie as they laughed, cried, and spoke softly to one another. It was incredibly evident how in love they were and how well they connected with one another. I sometimes forget that a wedding is more than just a couple uniting, but two families as well. It was neat to meet both sides of their family and to hear a few toasts from each. We even got a few hilarious lessons in crab eating by Natalie's uncle. After a wonderful night, we returned in the morning for the big day. The ceremony was held in an amazing garden in the front of the house and the reception took place in a beautiful Sperry tent by the bay. It was just breathtakingly beautiful and I'm pretty sure Katelyn, Paul (my awesome second shooter), & I were completely overwhelmed with possibilities for beautiful images. Natalie is an incredibly talented writer (seriously..go read her blog), and I am so glad she decided to write a letter to read for Huey during the ceremony. It was neat to have the process of writing, proofreading, and then the actual ceremony letter reading be shown in the film. There was so much thought and beauty within it & I felt like it really resonated with their relationship. Dan of Premier DJ Services started up the party during the reception & it did not stop. I'm pretty sure I even danced at some point, along with her amazing vendors, guests, family, and friends. I had an amazing time really getting to know Natalie & Huey, and I am so excited to finally share their film with you above!

Music licensed by: The Music Bed & With Etiquette

Technical Info:
Shot on Canon C100/C300 + 5D Mark III
Manfrotto Monopods + Kessler Stealther & Steadicam Flyer

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