AERIAL Los Angeles - Architectural Giants

AERIAL Los Angeles is an enjoyable flying fantasy over the 'City of Angels', downtown Los Angeles. Take off as you take to the air over what is now the Bank One Tower, breeze over the Orange Crush and see aerial giants that will wow and astonish you. This short film originates in high definition and will keep you on the edge of your seat, soaring just feet away as you hear the amazing musical scores from composers Stephen Sea and Glen Cheney. This short film is visually stunning.

Imagine yourself soaring through the extraordinary city of downtown Los Angeles. This
magical city at night lights up to your imagination as you breeze by some of L.A.'s historical
and incredible architectural giants. View through the stunning parallel vision of aerial
cinematographer Louis Halcyon Simmons as he takes you on this visually stimulating journey
through what we know as the City of Angels. This documentary musical short will absolutely
keep you on the edge of your seat soaring just feet away from these giants of steel.

This classic is just the beginning of aerial cinematographer Louis Halcyon Simmons' career. What a powerful ad solid creation. Sit back and relax as you listen to the amazing music put to visuals. This short is visually eye catching with aerials of architecture, lit up with neon and fluorescents. This makes a perfect picture. Welcome to Los Angeles.

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