Chuck Taylors have always been a blank canvas for self-expression. Many people have used the shoes for painting their own artwork. Another Chuck, the most dangerous man on the internet, has always been a hero of self-expression on the internet. But he wouldn’t use a brush, unless he wanted to poke you in the eye with it.

Now for Converse's creative competition 'Hack A Chuck' we have put the two Chucks together, we literally 'Chucked the Chucks'. Additionally we let a crowd of Converse fans direct the action via a Google+ Hangout.
What we got was kind of 'Delta Force' meets 'Subservient Chicken'.

Creative and Production:
Tim Buesing, David Brown (Reactive)
Toby Pike, Piotr Stopniak, Mic Wernej, Angus Forbes, Lukasz Karluk, Ilia Kotchen (Toby & Pete)

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