For over 150 years our economies, culture and society have been shaped by a
straight-line logic producing considerable economic success. However, in the
dawn of the Networked-Society, a straight-line logic of getting stuff done
becomes a barrier to progress. Why? Because, the change wrought by the
networked society is structural ­ challenging how markets and organisations
have co-evolved over the last 150 years.

This creates a dilemma. And the dilemma is this ­ How can firms and the
people that work in those firms, develop coherent marketing
strategies/products and services that are premised upon No-Straight-Line
principles ­ when they have been versed only in Straight-Line thinking ­ at
least for the over 35¹s ­ from birth?

So if the 20th Century was about straight line thinking around commerce,
media and communications, the 21st Century will be about a no straight line
approach defined as Engagement.

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