Year 2043. Ethan Knight is a former test fighter pilot that barely finds normalcy in life after the loss of his wife. He is conflicted when an old friend presents the opportunity for Ethan to become a test driver for a new maglev rally race. Ethan must now find the balance between his new found purpose and his ever diminishing relationship with his daughter, Charlie.

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Peggy Chung - Robert Simons - Mark Yang - Michael Chance

Michael Chance : Director, Producer, Editor
Robert Simons : Co-creator, Executive Producer, Designer
Peggy Chung : Co-creator, Executive Producer, Designer
Mark Yang : Co-creator, Executive Producer, Designer
Anna Halberg : Producer
Samantha Chan : Line Producer
Alex Bai : Production Supervisor
Vicki De Mey : Production Coordinator
Mike Montgomery : 1st Assistant Director
Jake Lehman : 2nd Assistant Director
Eisen Yoon : Consultant Assistant Director
Corrin Evans : 2nd 2nd Assistant Director, Extras Casting Director

Eric Holter : Ethan Knight
Anna Royce : Charlie Knight
Morocco Nevlin : Dustin Pearce
Romina D'ugo : Tess Rivera
Bill Charlton : Wayne "Grizzly" Turner
Jon Komp Shin : Konstantine Xiao
Myca Gieson : young Charlie Knight
Natalie Hoy : Carrie Knight
Alex Davis : Vinnie Fisher

Will Myers : Cinematographer
Michael Paletta : 1st Assistant Camera
Isaac Marchionna : 2nd Assistant Camera
Eric Danford : 2nd 2nd Assistant Camera
Zak Cassar : Production Photographer

Ron Arredondo : Gaffer
Micah Zarlow : Gaffer
Jacques Shy II : Key Grip
Spencer Smith : Key Grip
Chase Aziml : Best Boy Grip
Kristian Anderson : Best Boy Grip
Ben Goldberg : Best Boy Grip
Ian Havemale : Best Boy Grip
Pete Arredondo : Swing

Armando Macias : Sound Recordist
M Hairulizad Yacob : Sound Recordist

Jennifer Garnet Filo : Costume Designer

Victoria Payne : Make up & Hair Supervisor
Jennifer Pinon : Make up & Hair Assistant
Jenny Ung : Make up & Hair Assistant

Traci Hays : Art Director
Alexander Liclican : Concept Artist, Prop Fabrication
Michael John Simons III : Production Assistant, Prop Fabrication
Danny Gardner : Tattoo Designer
Sabrina Contugo : Storyboard Artist
Rochelle Harvey : Production Design Consultant
Abra Brayman : Production Design Consultant

Rondo Thomas : Stunt Driver
Michael Lehr : Fight Choreographer
Katelyn Brooke : Stunt Coordinator
Narayana Cabral : Stunt Coordinator
Emily Livingston : Aerialist

Kyle Spiker : VFX Supervisor and Lead Compositor
Harnick Atur : 3D VFX Supervisor
Jordi MacFife : Animator / VFX artist
Tashi Trieu : Colorist

Robben Fenderson : Composer , sound design

Michael John Simons III : BTS Director
Robben Fenderson : Sound Recordist

Joe Reiter : Technology Consultant

Rochelle Fassino
Danny Vaughn
Jonathan Alzon

Neville Page
Scott Robertson
Tim Flattery

Scott Logan : Pour Vous, Manager
Freddy Naff : Pour Vous, Technician
Justin Finney : Boondock Films Studio, Owner
JoJo Tardino-Detrich : Art Center College of Design "South Campus", location representative

Mario Contini : ( CINEOVISION anamorphic lenses )
Gary Beck : Owner of 2012 Dodge Challenger

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