This webfilm entitled "Paper Airplane" is a collaboration between Nervo and agency start-up muh-tay-zik for communications technology company, Premiere Global Services.

Agency muh-tay-zik is in the midst of doing branding work for Premiere that includes revamping their video content. The first up was their eMarketing product, which makes it easier for companies to establish dynamic dialogue with customers.

John Matejczyk, founder of muh-tay-zik had set out to "remove the tech-ey, jargon-ey, unapproachability from eMarketing," says Matejczyk. "We needed to inspire marketers to get better at eMarketing without being intimidated by it. So we presented the story of a woman sending out her email and receiving feedback in a rather magical way.”

That led Nervo to come back to muh-tay-zik with the work of artist Betsy Walton. She brought just the kind of whimsical, engaging feel the agency needed.

According to Costa, "even though there was a lot of space for our creative input, we were working with a solid script. So in the end it came down to the technical challenge of interpreting Betsy's paintings into animated content and making sure it still had the necessary texture and feeling of the original artwork."

Creative Director: Nando Costa
Illustrator: Betsy Walton
Animators: Brian Merrell, Jeff Norombaba, Alphonse Swineheart, Thiago Costa, Joshua Cox
Music: Darrin Wiener

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