"PARADOX OF MOTION" takes place at the entrance/exit into a home.  There is a world beyond and a world within suggested, but somehow at this mini 'river of styx' there is neither here nor there, while showing a point of entry, departure, transition.

The body moves through space, through time, but where is it going?  "Paradox of Motion" is a scientific term co-opted for this video to suggest the idea that sometimes a thing can move so much that it appears to not move at all.

Nora's videos have appeared at the Rutgers Film Festival and Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival. Her live theatre/movement pieces have received positive reviews from The New York Times and New York Free Press.

Living on the island since 2002, Nora made the transition from Brooklyn where she worked in voice-over on PBS, Nickelodeon, and MTV cartoons, and launched her children's music program featuring three original CDs for pre-schoolers.

Her music for adults is occasionally heard on MVVY, and here on this video in an a score created for Paradox of Motion.

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