Finally, here's a way to help FUTURE-PROOF kids (5-8 years old) against Bully Attacks.

Kids are innocent. They're connected to their "inner sense" of innate wisdom and joy. But then along comes a bully. Suddenly, they're victims. YIKES!

Before that happens, and it will, THE ICE VEIL TALES can teach them how to be victors.

THE ICE VEIL TALES, a series of 12 fantasy/adventures, depict a parade of archetypal pranksters, gangsters, bullies, and other stress-inducing monsters.

Every time our protagonist encounters them, she must remember to "inhale, exhale, and trust the Ice Veil." This Mindful breathing technique reconnects her heart with her mind. She thereby keeps her cool, thinks clearly, and outwits her demons. But when she forgets, she experiences negative emotions and situations. Then she remembers to follow her breath, reconnects with her “inner sense,” and VICTORY!

Teaching your child this simple habit will help her grow into a self-reliant, resilient, and confident adult.

To further help your child own it, you may request a FREE copy of BLOOM, A Reader's Guide to The Ice Veil Tales. For details please visit:

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