Discosalt wants to know what albums are in your Ultimate Record Collection ?

(a) Choose YOUR Ultimate Record = Any album YOU feel should be in everyone’s Record Collection.

(b) Film a 30 Second (or less) short about the Album.

Film why this album is worthy of an Ultimate Record Collection.
Show us the best time to listen to this album.
Use your phone, or whatever camera you have available.
Show the album jacket (if possible)
(c) …Be Creative. Be funny. Be strange. Stand out. Go viral.

(d) Share it with us.

Email your video to Discosalt at : info@discosalt.com
Dropbox Discosalt at : info@discosalt.com
Then sit back and Watch it on Discosalt.com - part of a new Discosalt Series – Ultimate Record Collection.

LINK: discosalt.com/ultimate-record-collection/

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