*the video trailer goes for 4 minutes i have no idea how Vimeo has made it into 8 minutes, its fine on youtube*

Our filming project is always on the hunt for potential sponsors / endorsements to help our documentary grow even larger then it will be, if your interested or know anyone who would be drop us a line.


If you have already watched previous sneak peak videos on our web site then you know the style of our videos are a little different to your normal mix tape of action and crash scenes pasted together.

We put you in the grand stand to watch the action as it unfolds. Drifting is more then just cars its about the people in the sport, the spectators aswell as the drivers.

The full films contents will include :

- Drifting from a spectators point of view
- Special feature interviews with drivers
- Interviews with the community
- Touge mountain drifting with the locals
- Amazing action from local and D1SL grass roots events from around Japan
- Everything the community has asked for but has yet to see in any other film

For more information and videos head to our website.


Big thanks go out to, Thomas Moore, Al Clark, Josephine Yun and Don Cerny. These are some important people that without their help this documentary will not be possible

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