PBKiteboarding.com Flysurfer Speed3 Deluxe Edition 19m Canada USA Worldwide Shipping and the Flydoor M Making another Kiteboarding day possible in about 6-8kts during a Beautiful lighter wind.

The Speed3 is the Latest Kite from Flysurfer.
The Most powerful and lightest wind kite in the world.
Allowing Kiters ride when never before possible.

Now with:
More depower
Better relaunch
Stiffer Bridals
Faster Turning
Higher Fun Factor
Infinity Bar Included
And More...

Contact PBK for all your Kiteboarding & Snowkiting needs.

We love kites and do this Full Time at an Advanced Level. We also Do Kite Repair and Lesson on Water and Snow.
That's why we have Knowledge that Customers Demand.

Sales-Support-Kite Repairs-PASA Lessons
Kiteboarding & Snowkiting Specialist

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