This is a short video showing the jazz funeral march for Savannah, GA musician Ben Tucker, held on Monday, June 10, 2013 in downtown Savannah. I happened to be in Savannah and caught this by happenstance.

It shows the preparations for the march, which started in Wright Square, outside of Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension.

Then covers a portion of the parade near State & Barnard Streets. The audio is "When the Saints Go Marching In" for this portion. I loop a portion of this audio to show closeups of still photos I took of many of the musicians in the march.

The I show more photos from around Savannah today to the tune of "You Must Believe in Spring" recorded by Ben Tucker.

If you know the musicians in this video, please let me know who they are via email at Here's what I've got thus far:

Clay Johnson - trombone player with hair, black suit, black tie, loud mouth. Sings in the Equinox Orchestra (
Jeremy Davis - tenor sax, grey suit, leads the Equinox Orchestra (
Jody Espina - alto sax, featured artist for the day (
Randy Reese - alto sax
Paul Lott - trumpet
David Elliot - trombone
Billy Hoffman - drum
Danielle Egerstrand (?) - bari sax

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