The «Double-Headed Eagle of the North» is one of the most recognized and celebrated emblems in Greece and worldwide, as for more than eighty years it inspires the athletes and supporters of the Pan-Thessalonian Athletic Club of Constantinopolitans (P.A.O.K.) while also being a strong reminder of the historic sport club’s deep roots.

Beetroot redesigned the classic emblem with enthusiasm but also with respect to its rich past so that it can reflect the contemporary status of the football club as well as the determination with witch it will “play ball” in the years to come.

The feathers and eyes were redesigned in a dynamic style so that the eagle, together with the characteristic black and white striped crest, forms the team’s heart – a reference to the fans that support the team all these years.

The team initials’ typography become a strong visual element that may even stand on its own as the edgy, austere and contemporary letterforms are crowned by the date of the club’s establishment in a timeless manner.

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