visual silence, spiritual peace.
the surrounding noise and chaos of contemporary times has led us to a constant research of silence – visual silence that can release our mind, enhance our spirituality and place the human being at the centre of the “house project”.
in our vocabulary the void loses its negative connotation: it is not perceived as absence or lack, but rather it represents a pause, a moment of reflection in which the prevailing materialism is transcended in favour of inner space.
this philosophy manifests itself in a rigorous work of subtraction that is applied to the domestic environment. this approach does not entail any compromise and suggests a primordial concept of the living space without any unnecessary addition and whatever might distract the eye and ruin the view.
the elemental and pure, almost primitive, shapes of our kitchens result from this process and prove our integrity and spiritual force.
every element is reduced to its minimum as to deny any human intervention on the project. thus, handles, plinths, taps and all the redundant details of traditional design disappear, while the use of colours and materials becomes rigorous and strict.
monolithic, monochromatic and monomaterial volumes, which are abstract and sculptural, are nonetheless objects of daily use, but they hide from view all functional elements, thus contributing to the idea of space purification at the base of our philosophy.
our ambition is to create poetry in accordance with the principles of rationality and functionality – the bases of design and industrial culture.
stone, wood, metal, water, fire are the depositary of our will to freeze time. the extreme minimalism combined with the use of natural materials represents a challenge to the swirling succession of ephemeral fashions and trends. using the primordial materials and elements that nature has provided us, as well as carving time in archaic shapes, minotti cucine makes its products timeless.
differently from artificial materials, which are made by human beings and their arrogance, natural materials have the ability to “grow old” and absorb the patina of time, thus increasing their fascination and aesthetic significance. the use of this “living matter”, so far from the market consumer trends and the contemporary concept of design, represents a precise choice that doesn’t imply a limit to, or rejection of innovation. on the contrary, the effort to make these archaic materials trusted guardians of the most innovative technologies of living urges us to be always ahead of time anticipating future. this is our idea of perfection, luxury and exclusivity.
minotti cucine microcosm is free from the excess of furniture and objects, the redundancy of materials and colours, and unveils the spiritual value of the void, the endless poetry of light, the power of matter and the strength of natural elements.
it is not an aseptic and depersonalized space, but a place where the human soul is amplified, where the objectivity of design is replaced by matter and by the subjectivity of those who inhabit this place. design leaves space to life because the human being has to become the real protagonist of domestic space, which has been invaded and suffocated by a multitude of useless objects – the end results of consumer culture.
our design mission addresses those spirits that try to get a direction for their quest for inner order. going back to the incipit, those who chose our product do not only buy some objects, but embrace, more or less consciously, a way of living, looking at things and approaching the world. this is why those who decide to cross the border and choose to follow our philosophy will find it difficult to go back.

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