As part of the Partners in Crime cooperation, WARSTEINER and Stefan Strumbel present oversized “Skywalkers” at the 10th art KARLSRUHE in the foyer of the exhibition hall, a rather functional, less representative yet highly frequented area of public space.
Here, they acknowledge Strumbel’s artistic roots in graffiti, which is traditionally found in analog spaces. As exterior advertisement surfaces, the “Skywalkers” transform in Strumbel’s context into folkloristic foreign flying objects.
By making the differences in the application of this medium so obvious, a realm for dissociation opens up for examination in which a projection onto one’s own identity becomes possible in a reflexive manner.

With this, Stefan Strumbel follows a long tradition of artistic cooperation with the Warsteiner Brewery, which began almost 30 years ago with Andy Warhol and continues to the present day. Warhol, like Strumbel, recognized the potential of the symbolic, as the only possibility for autonomous creation of meaning within the societal production machine of symbols, namely through the production of one’s own symbols.

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