Truth - when you complain, you remain.
You remain in mediocrity, in your old attitude, in your old situation, in your cold heart.
You remain in any struggle you are in.

It has been said that the victory over any struggle lies in what you say during those struggles. When you complain, you will remain in those struggles. Complaining is like whistling for the DEVIL.

The only way for breakthrough and unto freedom is this - "PRAISE GOD."

In praising God, you lift up all your heartaches to Him. It expresses that though you may be in pain yet you are still firm that you will remain true. In praising God, you are letting it all go and letting God to be God.

Don't be surprised when you praise God- you will be raised.
You will be raised to victory, raised to promotion, raised to the fulfillment of your dreams.
You will be raised to become a better you.

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