434 Being chosen really becoming an Israelite

SECTION 1: WE ARE LOOSING THE BATTLE BUT AFTER MUCH PAIN AND SUFFERING WE WILL WIN THE WAR. What is happening worldwide? Why is there such hatred of anyone who wants to live by the word of the Lord? Recently a family came to America to seek refuge to homeschool their children. They wanted to teach all the essentials of reading, writing and arithmetic. But they also wanted to teach these things from a biblical perspective. In the past these people would have been welcomed to any country with open arms. Not today! We are living in a time prophesied by Messiah Yeshua. He spoke of this time and what would be the signs and symptoms of the leperious people we have become. We will look at these words to see the truth and what emergency surgery we need to do to save our lives.
SECTION 2: LIFE CHANGING EVENTS. There are events in our life that change the course we are on. The change can be for good, and that change can be for bad. Sometimes as young people we may not fully grasp the enormity of our choices and therefore make bad choices. If we have the word of God as our guidance we will more often than not make good choices. In this section of the message we are going to look at choices that truly make you a Jew in spirit. It is not enough to just say words but to have no action of biblical change associated with those words. Sometimes Yehovah wants you to leave your comfort zone to get the promises that are waiting for you. In the times we are living in we must look at what is being shown to us in the natural, see what is happening and say why is this happening?
Section 3: New Creation. What is a new creation if someone is already physically alive? A new creation is one that leaves the old life behind and spiritually becomes a new creation. This takes courage and conviction. It take trust and truth. It takes faith and faithfulness. We have seen examples of this in the previous sections of the message now the question is how do I do it myself.

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