SENTE Combatives Training.

Here's a short video clip of a few basic drills of SENTE™ Combatives training. It includes empty hand self-defense, knife vs. knife, stick vs. knife; stick vs. stick.

Beyond the development of practical basics, SENTE™ Training is about a condensed matrix of simplistic combatives from specialized martial systems that share strategic overlapping similarities (i.e. Pekiti-Tirsia, Dumog, Pangamut, Kenpo, Jiujitsu, etc). SENTE™ Training provides a specific timeframe to embodiment and gives distinct context to various high-percentage environmental scenarios. Mastery training in specialized systems to be more well-rounded is also a goal, however, it involves a long-term strategy. Having a set of simplistic high-percentage techniques to fall back on and successfully execute in the short-term is just as important as long-term development.

It's important to note that the best counter to another weapon is sometimes another weapon -- This process is referred to as having an "equalizer". So it's important to have appropriate training with practical weapons (i.e. self-defense tools).

The stick can be any impact weapon in your immediate environment -- a tactical flashlight, pen, umbrella, hammer, or other implements from your tool shed, kitchen, workplace, etc. In the right hands, even an ink pen can be an equalizer for a knife. For edged weapons, it doesn't always have to be a knife. An X-acto® blade works well, broken glass, or even a credit card. Be creative.

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