Disadvantaged children clearly do not benefit from their place in society. They become exposed to several obdurate, agitating experiences, or stress, that eventually
leads to cognitive, social and emotional problems.

The presence of such problems due to the environment of these children were born are sometimes exhibited in such forms of anxiety, nervousness, lack or excessive amounts of sleep, lack of social, languageand verbal skills. Ultimately, maltreated children will learn at a slower rate than normal children and a discrepancy will occur between their age and level of emotional maturity.

The concept is to make "A quality of time" for parent and child by embedding design into the user's overlapped routine which is in the bedtime. It is the best period of time that both parent and child could participate to each other properly and make the most meaningful moment. From this step, the project could reach the point of making more participation and create meaningful moment to the user to be last long in some point of mind.

The final design comes up with "Storytelling" D.I.Y toy which is added on mosquito net. The small space inside the mosquito net creates an imagination of the environment in the story that makes more enjoyment to the kids. Besides, the storytelling is one of the best communication what people can share something to each other.

Special thanks :
- Pongpat Srisumran
- Arunwan Wangcharoen
- Koranis
- Kullathawat Wongwudthianan

Advisor : Mrs. Nanthana Boonla-or

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