One of the more satisfying projects we've done in a while - a collaborative project that we worked on with our son Micah's 2nd grade class at Otis Elementary School, in Alameda, CA. When we started out we were hoping for the portraits to bring out in some unique way each of the kid's personalities. What actually happened, is that as they loved the photo shoot, the attention, and the chance to play - they became Rock Stars.

We found objects in our house, bought some at the local Party story, and borrowed some from the parents, as we looked for objects that symbolize the alphabet - such as 'A' for apple, 'B' for Batman, 'M' for mustache, 'N' for nest, and 'S' for snake.

We found a nice little space with a clean background right outside the class, set up our lights, and over a period of 5 mornings in 3 weeks in March and April, we did the portraits at about 10 minutes for each of the kids.

The main goal was to create a beautiful art piece to be auctioned at the school's annual fundraising event 'The Spring Fling,' and to raise money for the Art Program which it did, as it was auctioned off for $800.

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