5 super villains.
1 last chance.
1 big problem...
They must become superheroes

Help make this highly entertaining web series!

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Wait! I want to know what this series is about before I click on an external link.
Alright. Here's the story:

Five friends break into the super hero market to battle evil and collect the rewards.

But there's a problem.

They're not friends. They are mortal enemies.

And they're not super heroes. They are failed super villains. And if they are caught using their powers, under agreement with Federal law they will go to jail. For life.

In this world of theirs, super powers are regulated and reserved only for the "chosen". Everyone else with powers are prohibited from using them, punishable by a 90 day stint in super sunshine rehab center. Oh, and they also have to face off with traffic, the 9-5, cable bills, foreclosure, divorce, death, health care premiums, baldness, their unruly kids, hopes, fears, squashed dreams of world domination, and taxes.

So what will this conflicting group of narcissistic, rule-breaking poopheads do to overcome these insurmountable odds?

Spoiler: things do not go well.

You really want to help? Awesome. We would love your support! Thanks!
More info here: indiegogo.com/projects/b-team-heroes/x/16669

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