Live from the MiTo festival (Milano, Italy) on 9/13/2009, a telematic performance featuring live instrumentalists (Milano, Stanford, Montana) and virtual performers within a networked Sirikata ( environment (Milano, Stanford). Chryssie Nanou (piano), Juan-Pablo Caceres/Robert Hamilton (electronics), Debra Fong (violin), Chris Chafe (celetto), Charles Nichols (e-violin), Luke Dahl/Michael Berger/Visda Goudzari/Henrik Bennetsen/Jeffrey Schnapp (sirikata), Carr Wilkerson (Jack-Trip/Networking)

Presented by: Jeffrey Schnapp

Sirikata Engineering: Daniel Miller, Patrick Reiter Horn, Daniel Reiter Horn, Ewen Cheslack-Postava

Art Team: Chris Platz, Jason MacHardy, Ben Nadler, Hadidjah Chamberlain, Justin Herbst, Will Harper

Project Management: Henrik Bennetsen

Video by: Stefano Canzio

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