A young woman and her camera engage in a conversation with The Oculus, an enigmatic installation consisting of approximately 275 speakers, 40 amplifiers, 3000 ft of speaker wire, Mac Mini, Motu Audio interface, wool acoustic flooring, and pink, white and brown noise created by Kate Short in the tower of the Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, California.

All parties brought unique dimensions to the conversation, leaving the young woman to recount: "While inside The Oculus, I experienced something I never have before, and never will again."

She later said: "Sound, history, technology, and my identity all seemed to blend, but in such a way that I was also reminded how my body separates me from the world while also being the only thing that allows me to occupy it. Sometimes it feels as if we share sounds more collectively than we share sights, and The Oculus reminded me that this is not illusory."

The Oculus declined to comment on the conversation, instead requesting that this video be used as a transcript of their encounter and that the song "Giggy Smile" by Faust (Faust IV, 1973) act as accompaniment.

The Oculus
Kate Short : kateleeshort.com
May 2013

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