WORD SOUND & POWER: Reggae Changed My Life is a collaborative work in progress. A journey that will grow as it travels and embraces the contributions and experiences of the UK reggae nation.
For over 50 years the music has provided a source of strength and inspiration for Britain’s Black communities.
From Notting Hill in 1958 to Carnival ’76 to the Black People's Day of Action and the great insurrection of 1981 it’s been a turbulent journey fuelled by rhythms of resistance, messages of love and harmony and declarations of truth and rights.
What would our lives, our communities, be like today if there had been no Jamaican sound system operators, no reggae record shacks or record labels? If you’re 16 and live in east London imagine a life without grime or dubstep! Is there anybody out there who has not been touched by ska, rock steady and reggae … dub, roots, rockers, lovers, digital or dancehall?
Imagine a post Thatcher-ite Britain if punk and reggae had not come together through Rock Against Racim and the Anti Nazi League. Were you there? Do you remember the UB40 and days before the ‘Ghost Town’?
The foundation has been laid. Respect has to be paid where respect is due. The rhythm of change is unstoppable.
Across communities, from generation to generation, there’s a story that needs to be told. What Word Sound & Power conveys is our journey. It’s not definitive. We have a story… you have you story… why not tell it!

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