Kino - Interactive Dining Table is the final project for the 2nd year of my BA in Digital Media Design. We had to create a project using the different skills we have been learning in our 2 years.
I've decided to use my web developer skills in this project, but by adding an physical artifact which I could apply that.
Kino is this artifact that I've been building with my teammates. An interactive (multitouch table), which a 56 by 42cm multitouch screen using different materials and software to make everything work.

This table (which will be improve in the bext few month by a better design of the table itself and new applications) has been conceive for bars/restaurant, bringing a new interaction in this market. It allow people to order the food/drinks they desire directly by a menu that we've been developing in HTML/Jquery and PHP (which has been develop for the screen resolution of the table).

It simple, you just use your finger, touch the screen to select the different items you want to order, and it sends your order to the bar/kitchen. this to allow people to don't wait or queue to take an order. It allow people also to play games, and share their own photos video via USB directly to the table.

The interface allow people to share different application, as different games, and also sharing their own photos and video by a USB port on the table.

You can check to know more about this project.

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