Movie based on 'Chokhaunee', a realistic story by Madan Puraskar winner Mahesh Bikaram shah.

Chokhaunee [The purification ] is a short movie about a cultural practice among the Tharu tribe in Mid and far western districts, Dang, Banke, Bardiya ,kailali and Kanchanpur. This movie portrays both the sexual exploitation and liberalism practiced in the indigenous Tharu community. This is a pathetic story of a Tharu woman KUMLI who is forced to break the social norms and values so as to satisfy her sexual urge, and is prepared to easily accept any penalty to be offered. At the same time , this story describes a society where extramarital relation, though not welcomed, doesn't destroy all the relation of family social structure; and where there are curative measures --though not humane to emotionally and physically torture a woman-that help heal the broken relations and keep everything intact.

Cast : Sannu Nepali Ramtel, Haroon Ali, Mangal Chaudhary, Bechan Chaudhary, Uday Ali and Ritu Pun Magar
Director: Kamal Bhatta
Screenplay : Kamal Bhatta/ Ishab Badu
Producers : Durga Devi Bhatta, Hem Bhandari, Manish Basnyat

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