Florida’s fantastic climate can support an incredible diversity of native and exotic plants, in particular, bamboo. Bamboo is a beautiful woody grass with hundreds of species that flourish in Florida. Once established, bamboo grows quickly and can provide shade, privacy or a windbreak in less than three years.

There are two groups of bamboos: runners and clumpers. Running bamboos are difficult to control, particularly for Florida’s long growing season. Clumpers, which don’t wander or “run,” are a more appropriate and responsible choice for nature’s balance and the benefit of your neighbors.

Height can range from several inches to 100 feet and is an important consideration when choosing bamboo. If planted near powerlines, many species are dangerous. Leave at least 8 feet breathing room for property lines and fences. Plant larger bamboos at least 10 feet from houses and structures.

Bamboo adds beauty, shade, and an exotic flare to your landscape, and it removes five times more greenhouse gases than an equivalent stand of trees. Now that’s green gardening!

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