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By Alan Bowne

Beirut is a dystopian science-fiction love story set against the background of the slow disintegration of Western civilization in the not-too-distant future where the world is being ravaged by an ugly and ultmately fatal sexually transmitted disease for which there is no apparent cure. In response to this, the authoritarian government of the world of the play has outlawed sex and made all forms of physical intimacy into capital crimes, conducting regular blood tests on the population to determine who is infected and who is not. Personal privacy has ceased to exist and everyone is under constant surveillance by security cameras which are on every street corner and in every room of every building.
The play’s two characters are Blue, a young woman who works at an unfufilling job in data entry, and her lover Torch, an unemployed streetwise ruffian. They live in a city which is divided into two types of people, those who have tested positive for the disease and those who have tested negative. One small section of this city has been sealed off by the military and turned into a ghetto, or quarantine zone, where those citizens who are infected with the disease are forced to live in overcrowded squalor completely cut off from contact with those on the outside. Just before the beginning of the play, Torch has tested positive and is relocated into the quarantine zone where he lives a tedious existence waiting for the symptoms of the disease to begin destroying his body. Blue is still uninfected and lives in the outside world without freedom and without the hope of a better future.
In spite of this, Blue conceives a desperate plan to break into the quarantine zone to see Torch and to show him how, even if they can’t change the world they live in, they can still change themselves. Beirut is the story of the one night they spend together and the actions they take that will change their lives forever…

Produced by: Akanda and A Broad's Way Productions
Directed by: Lindsay Taylor
Assistant Directed by: Jay DeYonker
Blue: Mélanie Rada
Torch: Jeff Fritz
Guard: Paul Dean
Film Director: Emilio Bellu
Set Design: Mélanie Rada
Set Construction: Michael Pitthan
Projector Graphic Design: Simona Noera
Voiceovers: Micheal Pitthan and Aneta Kölblová
Lesion Patrol: Paul Dean, Michelle Arnold, Gayle Roberts
Medical Police: Aneta Kobilova and Rachel Collins

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