The Underrated Musical Tool of Joy
Ask any ukulele player why they chose the ukulele over other instruments. Chances are, one would paint rainbows about how the uke sounds so happy. And you know our current world can deal with an overdose of joy. Ukufied! (pronounce oo-koo-fied) is a simple, cozy film that cuts through the depressing adult world filled with big words like “recession”, “terrorism”, and “poverty”. We want to transcend all that complication and cushion ourselves in the ukulele’s pure notes, and show you how it has filled so many with childlike wonder in Singapore.
Believe me when I say Ukufied!, my second short documentary film, is going to be even more of a whoopee!
Ukufied! is Really Important...
because it will remind you to indulge in simplicity once in a while. The ukulele is small, cute, and also underrated — an instrument that many people in Singapore don’t know. Consequently, all the joy that comes packaged with it isn’t known of, either. And my sunny little island Singapore (where Ukufied! is shot) recently claimed the throne as the unhappiest country in the world — so help us help our happy ukulele players spread their joy!
Help Us Spread Joy to the World...
one chirpy strum at a time!
We are looking to raise $5,000 to make Ukufied!’s mission come true.
We accept contributions in various amounts, from $5 to $2000. Your donations will enable us to get Ukufied! to the screen, and any excess will let us package the film better — better packaging, more attention spent, greater joy to the world! Or viewers.
If Not Money, Then What?
We know you may not have Bill Gate’s pockets or even $10 to last the week. But money or no, you can still help us go a long way by sharing our campaign!
SPREAD THE WORD! — Tell everyone whom you think would appreciate our work! A personal recommendation is always the most effective form of persuasion, but we’ll be more than happy with a shout-out on Facebook as well!
Volunteer yourself! — If you have skills you can and would like to offer to our production, call / email / text me maybe! This includes all the talents that we were initially intending to spend money on. Otherwise, my team and I are big eaters…
Your contribution will help us share this whimsy little gift to the ones who have never heard of it, one chirpy strum at a time. And escape from the complicated, if only for 10 short minutes.

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