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The GLOW festival is expensive. On the museum side, we have to pay for street permits, safety gear, and lots of staff time spent with artists and the fire department to make sure it all goes smoothly. On the artists' side, they have to produce jaw-dropping projects, pass safety checks, and be ready to share their work responsibly with huge crowds of people.

We're asking you to help us by sponsoring an artist or two. Every dollar of this campaign will go directly to artists to support their participation. We'll pay for the unsexy stuff like permits and fences. You'll get all the glory.

Our hope is to be able to pay each artist a $100 honorarium and cover their transportation and material costs. It's not much. If this campaign goes amazingly, we'll pay them more. And if it goes super-amazingly, we'll all blast off into the night on a glowing spaceship. Seriously.

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