Fusion teamed-up with Atmosphere VFX to create unique time-travel portals (anomalies) for sci-fi series, Primeval: New World. Fusion created the anomaly fx, lit, rendered and comp'd for 50+ shots.
Jumping-in fairly late in the game, Fusion had to do a mid-production re-development of the anomaly in our shots to deliver on time. Apart from the usual challenges associated with camera tracking, roto, 3d cg fx and plate integration, Fusion had to match the look of anomalies in the shots that Atmosphere was creating with their own proprietary toolset.
There was no specific standardized look of the anomalies, rather the creative evolved as various improved versions came in from Fusion and Atmosphere, so our team needed to evolve our methodology with each shot. A dinosaur-sized challenge!
It was a great achievement on a tv schedule & budget and enormously gratifying to be involved in such an awesome television series. Atmosphere's cg dinosaurs rock the series and the cg time travel portals are super cool. Congratulations to Atmosphere VFX and Omnifilm Entertainment on an excellent job! Good luck for the first season on Syfy!

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