Luis Jacob uses a diverse range of formats and media in his artistic practice, including photography, sculpture, performance and video. Jacob is also a curator, writer, educator, DJ and activist. He examines forms of social interaction and explores questions of existence and perception in relation to contemporary life. 
'Album III' (2004) is a montage of 159 laminated sheets consisting of collages of images found in printed media. The sequence of photographs is organized into themes, which are connected through visual, formal, conceptual and intuitive associations. Jacob communicates in a visual language that invites the audience to create its own associations and narratives.

Another work presented as a part of Luis Jacob’s installation at DOCUMENTA12 is A Dance for Those of Us Whose Hearts Have Turned to Ice, based on the choreography of Francoise Sullivan and the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth (with sign-language supplement), 2007.
Luis Jacob was born in Peru; lives and works in Toronto, Canada

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