If you're not dead-lifting now, start tomorrow. It's a riveting, rewarding, all-encompassing full-body lift that will make guys, girls, young and older, have a more kick-ass body than the person doing bench press or the person who just runs for hours. Start tomorrow! If you don't know how, ask me. I don't care if you're in London, Indonesia, or California, I'll tell you how, cuz that's just the kinda guy I am!

Watch and learn how to get your Dead-lifting #'s up from your own body-weight to double your body-weight.
Learn correct speed, technique, form, progressions, and program design.
Include other supplemental exercises you may not be doing like, plyometrics and grip-work.
Watch one of my clients get up a huge 455 lb dead-lift!
Watch the final scene where I go head to head against my opponent and put up my PR @ 435lb and make it look easy.
My next goal is to get 455 lbs.

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