There are six focus areas in our library plan.

1. The digital library will be the area of most significant growth and change over the next 10 years. This shift will put the library in every pocket, making library content, services and programmes available online and via social media.

2. Children and young people. The shift in this focus area requires Libraries to work in active partnerships so that every child in Auckland from birth has the opportunity to experience the magic of reading and discovery that libraries offer. It will mean working closely not only with parents, carers, schools and whānau. It will mean supporting whole families with their literacy and reading journey, particularly in communities where English is not the first language.

3. Library spaces are changing to become multipurpose community facilities that contribute to place-making and community connection. They are vibrant, accessible and open places for meeting, learning and inspiration and in ten years a space for creativity and participation, where people come together to share ideas and create new knowledge.

4. Customer and community connection. While continuing to support the reading interests and engagement of its strong customer base, the shift will be to connect more strongly with customer groups that face access barriers or are new to libraries (including Deaf people). This will include ensuring that all programmes and services contribute to Māori wellbeing. There will be greater emphasis on reflecting the different Pacific communities’ cultures in Auckland and on new migrant or newcomer communities.

5. Heritage and research. We will capture, share, celebrate, create and store the new stories of a diverse Auckland community. We will promote the unique documentary heritage of Auckland that has the potential to be a major cultural attraction for visitors to the City Centre.

6. The significant shift in the focus area of collections is the rapid growth in eContent and the move to reading on a hand held device. Managing and accommodating the two modes of reading and supply of content will require streamlined practices and a reallocation of resources over time.

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