Well, here's the demo reel for my animation work.

Shot list is as follows:
0:03-0:16 - Theme to an Imaginary Film short - all my creation done in Flash, Photoshop, and Premiere. Song by Blur.
0:17-0:25 - Mock Raid Commercial - all by me, completed in Flash and After Effects.
0:26-0:49 - Arena of Heroes PC/iPad Game - Only animation by me, done in Maya. Character concepts for the Rogue and Robot created by myself.
0:50-1:13 - Syfy Monster Island Facebook Game - All Flash animation by me, I only created the character art for the cyclops bat, chicken, baboon, and monkey in Photoshop.
1:14-1:31 - Fix-it Bots short - Modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation done by myself in 3DSMax, Premiere, and Photoshop.
1:32-1:41 - Pencil test stuff - Done by myself on pencil and paper, shot on an old lunch box.
1:42-2:09 - Animation for Rewind This! documentary - contracted to create an animated short all on my own for the VHS tape documentary. Flash, Photoshop, and Premiere were used.
2:10-2:19 - Squire's Quest 2 on PC - focus group game created in Flash for eating healthy. These are cutscenes from the game in which I comprised many animated loops for various characters. All characters concepted by me.
2:20-2:25 - Fantasy Kingdoms Facebook game - Created and animated individual characters for this iso tile placement game. All created by me with Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
2:26-2:35 - Playnormous website monsters - Animated monsters made to run around on the website. The squirrel monster art created by myself, while the second was created by another artist. Flash and Illustrator used.

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