Inspired by watercolors, I composited a variety of 3d passes to composite the fire @ timecode 00:38 - 00:53.
This work was mentioned on Motionographer:

Made at Blacklist

Branding Agency:
Hen's Teeth

Creative Agency:

Zoe Wishart & Lutz Vogel

Executive Producer:
Andrew Linsk

Alexander Unick

Animation Studio:
HiFi 3D

HiFi Executive Producers & CG Supervisors:
Jonathan Dorfman
Szymon Weglarski

Animation Directors:
Jonathan Dorfman
Szymon Weglarski

Lead Lighting/Surfacing/Rendering:
Szymon Weglarski

Modelling lead:
James Chan

Jonathan Dorfman
Jeffrey Lee
Szymon Wegarski

Animation Lead:
Michael Sime

Michael Gambino
David Lee
John Vielee

Rigging lead:
Jason Bikofsky

Szymon Weglarski
Lutz Vogel
Timothy Regan
Fred Kim
Hélène Park
Nicholas Rocco
Mans Swanberg
Manu Gaulot

Simulation and FX animation:
Spyro Serbos
Jonathan Dorfman

Additional FX animation:
Michael Sime

Szymon Weglarski
Lutz Vogel
Eddie Moreno

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