I can still recall every single minuscule detail. Things that no person should be able to remember. I recall waiting in the aisle of Fry's Electronic Store as my father looked over every single cd option.

What felt like an eternity at the time, has become a few minutes that I still treasure. My father put so much thought into what would become the last thing he ever purchased for me.

After my father passed away, I opened his final gift and burned a solitary cd to be played at his viewing. As for the rest of the cds, I could never get myself to touch them again. It was the last thing he would ever give me, and I wasn't ready to give that away.

As the 10th anniversary of his passing approached, I dug deep into my closet to pull out this still full spindle of discs. After all this time, the only thing I had done with them was move them from one box to another. They haven't seen the light of day in at least 8 years.

I stared at those discs and wondered what I was possibly doing with them. Was there some great reason I chose to keep them? Furthermore, why did I allow them to just be forgotten to collect dust. It was at that moment I decided to longer let them stay silent.

For anyone who knew my father, he was extremely passionate about music. He listened to all types of music, but it was really the Motown, Rock and Roll and Hits of the 50s and 60s that always played on his radio.

One day, my teenage self began blaring a puck rock version of Finnegan's Wake from my bedroom. It must have been too loud because my father stormed into my room and asked what I was listening too.

Figuring I was in trouble, I merely turned down the music and apologized. "No." he said, "What are you listening to?" I told him all about this Celtic punk band, the Dropkick Murphy’s. Then he said something unexpected. “Do you have any of their other songs?”

From there we spent hours going back and forth talking about music. He introduced me to the versions of the song he had always listened to by the Dubliners, the Irish Rovers, and the Clancy Brothers.

That song was the inspiration for this musical selection, and the two versions created the perfect bookends. In the Irish tradition, a persons life if celebrated at their death. I can now gladly rest knowing that even though it took 10 years to compile, a great party soundtrack has been born. There is no better way to remember my father.

Please enjoy, 10.

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