Supported by the Association for the Development of Pakistan, Sahara for Life Welfare Trust is constructing a model village at Basti Ghareebabad in Kot Addu, Distt. Muzaffargarh as part of a larger redevelopment project to build 1,000 houses for families without shelter in flood affected areas. ADP will be funding a subset of this project (10 housing units), thereby addressing the critical need to secure families from vulnerability to harsh weather and water borne diseases with the construction of shelters equipped with WASH facilities.

Basti Ghareebabad is a very small village in the Muzzafargarh district with no access to electricity and other basic infrastructure (in addition to being largely ignored by major aid agencies in the aftermath of the floods in 2010). The town is very close to the banks of two rivers, which meant that the damage from the floods to people's houses was quite severe.

Once a model village has been constructed, the beneficiaries can begin to make the slow and difficult transition towards routine life, and more targeted assistance can be provided by other NGOs operating in the region. The primary beneficiaries of this project will be households providing labor at nearby factories and brick kilns; the average household size at the selected village is 7-8 people and up to ten households will benefit from the project.

Client: Association Development Of Pakistan
Director, DOP, Editor & Affects: Ozair Rao -
Produced on: 25th December, 2012
Produced By: Artistrocrat
Special Thanks to: Paradox Studio

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