Whether you’re a coach or athlete USING the RIGHT health and fitness log is essential

to your success.

Addaero Solo – an online health and fitness log -- unifies ALL your data into a single

view, and helps you by accurately PLANNING,


and ANALYZING your daily exercise and health info.

Unlike other services, Addaero not only tracks fitness but also data like weight, sleep,

heart rate, and blood pressure.

If you’re a COACH, Addaero Solo allows you to grow your business by connecting to

clients and groups online or in person. It’s a virtual manager!

It let’s you BUILD WORKOUTS correctly…

…CUTS DOWN on administration time…

…and create individual and group plans.

If you’re an ATHLETE or SIMPLY TRYING TO GET IN SHAPE, Addaero helps you

self-coach, work with a coach, or be coached in a group. You can choose all or any of

these options.

You can also input or pull info from a device or application into your calendar.

COMPANIES can use Addaero to deliver training plans and coaching to their employees.

AND it allows employees to track their health and fitness. So everybody wins!

By improving the health and fitness of employees, healthcare costs LOWER

and ENERGIZED EMPLOYEES improve the overall culture.

You get the “big picture” – Train Better!

Sign up! Experience Addaero, and improve your health and fitness today!

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