This film was conceived from a synchronistic event at the end of last year (2012).
I sent a piece of music from the group Tryad (who in themselves had never met and produced all their music through collaborating online. See link below) to Lia Love who at exactly the same time was sending me a poem that she had recorded in audio. The length of the poem “Is This Not Your Child” and the music track “Waltz Into The Moonlight” fitted exactly in length to each other.
I decided then to experiment with further synchronicity by asking film makers from all over the world to collaborate with me on applying moving images to the poem and music. I sent six film makers a one minute segment each and asked them to make a one minute film without knowing the rest of the poem.
My agenda was to not fix anything within the work and to let it come as it was.
The film is the result.

Poem by Lia Love
Voice: Lia Love

Music: Tryad

Conceived, Directed and Edited by Clifford Roddy

Film Makers:
Pascal Leroux
Guillaume DIMANCHE
Clifford Roddy
Antoine Moreau
Julia Vladimirova
Isabel Pérez del Pulgar
Fred. L Epee

Copyleft: this video is free, you can copy it, distribute it
and modify it according to the terms of the Free Art License
The film is also being shown here
as part of Antoine Moreaus' interview with the Mash Up Festival.

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