Based on traditional Finnish midsummer night's ritual. Made during second session of Kino Euphoria Midnight Sun 2013, in Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival. The only instrument used in the soundtrack is kantele (11+4 strings, specially tuned). Kantele is the national instrument of Finland, also mentioned in Kalevala as being the instrument played by the great shaman Väinämöinen. Only tiny bit of colour correction was done in edit, we had sunglasses taped on the camera lenses when filming...

Emilia Haukka, Edvard Lammervo, Iivi Meltaus, Ella Mustajärvi, Laura Sillanpää, Vappu Tuomisto.

Directed and music by: Tuulia Kallio
Cinematography: Iiris Anttila, Riitta Ryhtä
Editing: Agnieszka Pokrywka

Thanks for sound&music tutors for recording and mixing help: Miki Brunou, Titas Petrikis.

Produced: Kino Euphoria Helsinki / Euphoria Borealis ry

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