Post-death bureaucracy.

All over the world and throughout history, there are countless theories about what happens to us after we die. Some believe we go to a paradise or hell depending on how we have lived, others think we are born again into new bodies and lives, and there may be a few restless souls who hang around to haunt places where they once walked. But what happens between the point at which we die and the start of our journey to the afterlife? With all of the mystery and speculation surrounding death, what if it was just another mundane, bureaucratic process such as those we encounter so often in life? Maybe our eternal fate is decided not by an all-powerful being but by a frosty official, armed not with a flaming sword but with a pen and an armful of forms – judgement is just a single tick in a box. Is death The Great Adventure or The Great Anticlimax?


This is a film I made with Arron Fowler and Richard Foot of R & A Collaborations for ShropFilm48, Shropshire's first 48 hour film competition organised by the Shropshire Media Network and Appletree Theatre and Film Company. We had a great time making it, check out my blog post on the experience (and a link to watch the other films, which were all brilliant) here:

Just to warn you, this film starts rather abruptly and has subtitles from the start so point your eyes to the bottom of the screen!!

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