This film all started out from a few people at Surfing the Nations meeting Aziz Abdoul. First, as a Bengali surfer on the documentary Gum For my Boat and then as a friend in Wahiawa,Hawaii. As we thought about all the many facets of our organization,the story of the transformation in Aziz's life through the Bangladesh surf club stuck out as one that deeply inspired us personally. The intent was to show the continuation of the story of Aziz, and his desire and love for his country.

This was the last piece that I hade the privilege to produced alongside the amazing crew at Surfing The Nations, and my hope is that the story of Aziz will inspire others to meet the needs of their community by meeting needs and changing lives.

Change a life, change a community, change a country, change the world!

CO-PRODUCERS: Amanda Ferres, Emily Jones
DIRECTOR: Emily Jones
LEAD EDITOR: Amanda Ferres
EDITORS: Sam Apuna, Matthew Perez
ANIMATOR: Kyle Apuna
WRITER: Emily Jones
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Sam Apuna, Johannes Andersson, Mike Slagter, Jonathan Foster, Russell Brownley and The Wuss Productions
CAST: Abdoul Aziz, Venessa Rude
MUSIC CREDIT: Pandreas - Sirkel(Sag), Jahzzar-Friends, Malaika Arora Khan-Anarkali Disco Chali

Russell Brownley, The Wuss Productions
Kyle Apuna
Abdoul Aziz

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