A timelapse video of recent artworks created with my photomelting technique.

PHOTOMELTING is what I call my personal "analog photo editing software."
An idea, born as a game, for "melting" the print, being inspired by transformation, stroke after stroke.
I paint on magazines pages, only with brushes and solvents to dissolve the inks, mix the colours, change the shapes, transform the images.

PHOTOMELTING works subtracting: the colours can not be added but only removed or moved.
I like to work on adv pages that show celebrities and recognizable faces, because every adv page is the final result of a long process that ends with a perfect image.
This image represents the end of a cycle, and in this cycle the reader should only have a passive role.

The challenge of PHOTOMELTING is to demonstrate that even a final product like a magazine page can still be transformed and have a new life: under a recognizable face there are many other unknown faces, and it's possible to dig the ink and discover their new "anima".


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