Taken from St Thomas's hospital when my son was born.

This is something of an experiment. I used a script in Photoshop called StackAlignCrop (made by outbackphoto.net/) which is normally used for lining up different photos in preparation for HDR images.

I took the photos handheld with a little Lumix LX5 and didn't even bother (too much) where I stood. They were taken through a glass window.

Given that my wife had just given birth, my primary thoughts were not with the photos. Accordingly, the chronology of this "timelapse" is seriously wonky. It was taken over 2 days from St Thomas's hospital.

While it is a bit inaccurate (the left of the palace has been chopped off) it saved me countless man hours. There are 50 frame) in the video repeated once. It took photoshop a few hours on an Imac I7 to regurgitated the pics but it did it.

Remember, the pictures were taken HANDHELD.

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