Went on a few photo shoots and decided to shoot a bit of video too.
Still learning Davinci Resolve, tried to create a 80's washed out look, no full colors and no complete black to white spectrum.
All files where converted to Cinema DNG and had to find out how to lose the pink highlight, after a few tries i found a way to filter out the chrominance and luminance separate so i could get rid of the pinkyness without too much loss of detail and color.
Most of the footage was shot on 1920 width (2.35) except the footage of the abandoned castle, it was shot on 1600 pixels width because i only got the Komputerbay 128gb 1000x for one week now, that shoot was 2 weeks ago.

EDIT: Yay, got a Vimeo+ account, now the same movie but with 1080p, hooray for me!

EDIT V2: Visited the prison last sunday for additional recordings, however due to the fast decay (graffiti, copper thieves, trash and vandalism) i just stopped recording in this building.
The sight was in very bad shape as windows where thrown in, the walls where filled with ugly graffiti (i can enjoy good graffiti, but just tagging a wall is a shame)
So if anyone is waiting for a sequel, you will have to wait until i find another abandoned building that catches my eye.

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